Case study – Marqt


Marqt is a Dutch sustainable food & groceries retailer which was founded in 2008 with a mission to positively change the value chain of food by introducing an innovative business model based on a fair distribution model between growers, processors and retail and listing high quality food at a fair price.

Marqt ensures to only list products that are produced with respect for animals, people and the planet. This product offering appeals to customers for several reasons: they enjoy special and fresh food, value the organic offering, are attracted by Marqt’s inspiring and innovative retail concept and share Marqt’s broader sustainable mission. Marqt has successfully grown its concept from three initial stores to fifteen stores in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Rotterdam and The Hague.

In May 2017, Triodos Organic Growth Fund took a significant minority share in Marqt. This investment provides Marqt with the necessary growth capital, thereby enabling the company to make further steps in realising its sustainability mission.

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