The outlook for 2016 is cautiously positive. At the start of the year the pipeline of new investment opportunities consists of a number of viable investment opportunities. It is clear, however, that competition for investments in well-run sustainable consumer goods companies is fierce.

Triodos Organic Growth Fund targets investments in the range of EUR 1-5 million each. The fund aims to complete three to four investments in 2016, totalling an investment amount of circa EUR 15.0 million. When the fund reaches an investment level of 65% of the net assets, fundraising activities will be initiated with the aim to raise EUR 15.0 million of investments into the fund throughout the second half of the year. In terms of costs, the ongoing charges are expected to remain well within the maximum of 3.5%. With investment levels increasing over time, Triodos Organic Growth Fund expects to realise a positive share price development in 2016.

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