PRIZMA Mikro in Bosnia-Herzegovina has been under intensive monitoring since early 2014. In spite of the efforts and collaboration with international and local lenders and management the company’s equity turned negative in September. The fund has provisioned 90% of the loan outstanding.

In recent months, the government of Azerbaijan has stepped up its offensive against human rights activists and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). As a result, bank accounts have been frozen on court orders. This has affected Azercredit, one of the fund’s investee companies in Azerbaijan. Triodos Microfinance Fund has entered into a standstill agreement together with all other international lenders while awaiting the outcome of the legal procedures. No provisions were taken during the course of 2014. Depending on the outcome of the legal procedures, this might change in 2015.

A quantitative description of the MFIs in the portfolio can be found in the Appendix. A short description of all MFIs can also be found under the header ‘Know where your money goes’ on

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