New debt investments

Asociacion Fondo de Desarrollo (FDL) is one of the largest MFIs in Nicaragua. It aims to improve the social and economic position of low-income groups, especially in rural areas.

With a population of over 170 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the largest microfinance market of Africa, where still 80 million people have no or limited access to financial services. AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria strives to meet this unmet demand and aims to be the leading provider of straightforward and transparent financial services to micro and small entrepreneurs.

Banco Itapúa is a niche bank in Paraguay with a strong focus on small and medium-sized agricultural producers, a group that is largely unattended by the larger banks. In many cases Banco Itapúa has been one of the first loan providers for farmers.

Banco Pichincha is Ecuador’s biggest bank. It has the most extensive branch and ATM network and is the country’s largest provider of micro- and SME finance. With Credifé it launched one of the first microfinance programs in the country.

Established in 2008, Crezcamos in Colombia supports rural development by offering a range of credit and insurance products to small businesses and entrepreneurs. By focusing on long-term relationships with these clients, Crezcamos has grown to serve over 68,000 clients across the rural provinces of northern Colombia.

Enda is the fund’s first investment in Tunisia. The company started its operations in 1995 with the objective of improving the quality of life for rural Tunisians. Almost 20 years later, Enda has become a leading MFI in Tunisia.

ESAF Microfinance and Investment Private Limited (EMFIL) is the leading MFI in the South Indian state of Kerala. The company provides its clients access to finance, low cost healthcare and housing, offers fair prices for their agro produce, and trains women in rural and tribal areas to make handicrafts.

Microfinance institution Financiera FAMA (FAMA) has been active in Nicaragua since 1991. FAMA specifically focuses on female entrepreneurs in the urban areas of Nicaragua.

Established in 1991, Hamkorbank provides clients access to a wide variety of financial products, including micro and SME loans. This is the first loan in Uzbekistan for Triodos Microfinance Fund.

Microfinance institution Mitra Bisnis Keluarga (MBK) in Indonesia issues group loans to female entrepreneurs. MBK focuses on the lowest income groups and is mainly active in West and Central Java.

Only 12% to 15% of the 23 million people in Ivory Coast have access to finance. MicroCred Ivory Coast offers a range of financial products and services, ranging from credit and savings products to ATM prepaid cards, remittances and micro insurance.

Sonata Finance (Sonata), founded in 2006, is a credit-only microfinance institution that operates in the northern states of India. Sonata offers mainly group loans to women living in rural areas. In addition, Sonata offers remittance services.

Utkarsh Microfinance (Utkarsh) is active in the north of India, where poverty is still a pervasive concern and demand for basic financial services is largely unmet. Utkarsh focuses on individual lending, in addition to its group lending activities.

Vitas Jordan is a non-bank financial institution founded as the Middle East Micro Credit Company and has since 1998 become one of the largest MFIs in the country. The institution offers a diverse selection of loan products, ranging from microloans to female entrepreneurs, to medium-sized loans to small factories.

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