Our approach to investments in listed companies and sovereign bonds

In the long term, the most successful businesses will be those that achieve the best balance between their social, environmental and economic performances.

As of January 1, 2015, Triodos Investment Management is the Management Company of Triodos SICAV I. Triodos Investment Management has over fifteen years of experience in managing investment funds that invest in stock market listed bonds and equities of companies that actively contribute to an environmentally sustainable, socially just and economically sound future. These companies are frontrunners in their sectors, leading their peers towards stronger environmental, social and financial performances. They are large and influential multinational companies that have a global impact on environmental and social change.

Triodos SICAV I also offers the opportunity to invest in euro-denominated bonds of western European countries that meet all the criteria on democracy and support of internationally agreed environmental, human rights and social conventions and agreements.

Triodos SICAV I is one of the most rigorous funds in the sector in terms of its policy on sustainability, ethical performance and good governance. Investors in Triodos SICAV I have access to an investment portfolio of stocks and bonds that meet their personal ethical standards and contribute to global sustainable development.

The assessment of companies is based on sustainability and financial criteria. The goal of the sustainability assessment is to establish whether companies meet the strict sustainability criteria of Triodos SICAV I. Companies considered eligible for investment contribute to a better world due to the nature of their business activities or clearly outperform peer companies on sustainability, thereby driving the sustainability agenda forward in a particular sector. The sustainability assessments are conducted by Triodos Research, part of Triodos Investment Advisory & Services B.V. Based on the outcomes of these analyses, the sustainable investment universe is identified.

The selection process based on financial criteria is conducted by Delta Lloyd Asset Management. The responsibility of Delta Lloyd Asset Management is to identify the companies within the universe that are likely to generate the highest financial return. Based on this assessment the investment portfolio is compiled.

Triodos SICAV I applies a long-term investment strategy and holds concentrated portfolios. This provides Triodos SICAV I with the opportunity to make use of its shareholder rights. Triodos SICAV I believes it has a duty to use its power as a (potential) investor in these companies to stimulate improved sustainability performance. Where appropriate, Triodos SICAV I will seek to discuss substantial and relevant issues with regard to social, environmental and governance performance. The fund sees dialogue as a way to enhance the business performance of companies. In exercising its power, Triodos SICAV I focuses exclusively on the long-term strategy and planning of companies. The dialogue raises awareness, influences company management and prompts companies to act on sustainable business practices.

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