Fund Manager Triodos SICAV I

Eric Holterhues

Eric Holterhues has been Head of Triodos Investment Management’s Socially Responsible Investing business line since November 2012. He joined Triodos Bank in 2000 as a senior account manager. Later he became Manager Loans at Triodos Bank, the Netherlands. In 2010 he joined Triodos Investment Management as Head of Arts and Culture, managing the Triodos Culture Fund. He currently still holds this position, in addition to his position as head of SRI. The fund manager does not hold shares in Triodos SICAV I.

Triodos Research is headed by Rosl Veltmeijer. She has worked in the financial sector since 1992 and joined Triodos Investment Management in 2001. She heads a team of four analysts. Triodos Research is part of Triodos Investment Advisory & Services B.V. Rosl Veltmeijer does not hold shares in Triodos SICAV I.

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