Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund

During 2014, the total net assets of Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund grew from EUR 103.9 million to EUR 160.7 million. During this period, the fund (Z-Dis) achieved a return of 12.7% (including reinvestment of dividends), while the benchmark rose 14.1%.

Stock selection had a slightly negative impact on the fund’s relative performance. This was mainly due to the underweight position in US equities, which benefited from the appreciation of the US dollar. The impact of the bond selection was neutral. In the bond part of the portfolio the negative contribution of sovereign bonds was offset by the positive contribution of credits. On balance, the tactical allocation relative to the benchmark added around 30 basis points to the performance of the fund.

Evolution of returns Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund

Evolution of returns Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund (line chart)

* The Z-share classes have a limited history. Historic returns are based on the similar R-share classes, which have an identical investment policy. Figures of the R-share classes are the historic returns of Triodos Meerwaardefonds N.V., which merged into Triodos SICAV I on June 28, 2010.

** Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund compares its return and the sustainability scores of the companies that it invests in with the MSCI World Index (40%), the iBoxx € Non-Sovereigns Index (36%) and the iBoxx € Sovereigns Index (24%) as a benchmark for (non-sustainable) worldwide diversified equity and bond funds. The investment policy that is pursued by the fund is not aimed at replicating or outperforming the benchmark in the short term. The fund may deviate from the benchmark because the fund only invests in companies that meet our strict sustainability criteria.

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