Fund developments

Triodos SICAV I enjoyed another year of considerable growth. During 2014, the total net assets of the fund increased by 52.9% to EUR 1.0 billion. 16.0% of this growth was due to solid investment returns, while the inflow of new funds from investors added another 36.9%. At the end of 2012, the fund volume was EUR 503 million, which means that the fund has doubled in size in only two years.

Growth was seen with almost every distributor and in all countries where the fund is distributed: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany and the United Kingdom. The fund thus has noticed again that investors increasingly factor in the issue of sustainability when taking investment decisions – also with regard to listed companies. The fund’s expansion allows it to have a bigger impact on the economy and thus make an even bigger contribution to the realization of Triodos Bank’s mission.

The success of the fund was also recognized by the sector and by the media. Once again, the four Sub-Funds received a number of good reviews, for example:

  • In Belgium: Triodos Investment Management received De Standaard/La Libre Award for best SRI Fund House in Belgium for the fourth time in a row.
  • In Germany: Finanztest/ Stiftung Warentest ranked Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund second in the category “global equity fund for dark-green investors” and fourth in the category “climate-friendly equity funds, global”. The fund received a high score for transparency and was recommended based on costs and its engagement strategy.
  • In the Netherlands: Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund won the vwd Cash Fund Award.

As of January 1, 2015, Triodos SICAV I has appointed Triodos Investment Management as the Management Company of the fund. Triodos Investment Management used to act as the advisor to the Board of Directors of the fund. This new role is more in keeping with the work that Triodos Investment Management already carried out on behalf of the fund. This change has no consequences for the investors in the fund.

Net assets as per December 31, 2014

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In millions of EUR

December 31, 2014

December 31, 2013

Percentage change





Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund




Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund




Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund




Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund




















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