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Real estate

Triodos Investment Management manages the Triodos Vastgoedfonds. Triodos Real Estate Investment Management is the manager of the Green Offices I CV – an investment vehicle that manages Dutch-based global courier TNT’s sustainable headquarters building. Triodos Bank’s involvement in the real estate sector is built on a unique vision on sustainability, based on the four P’s: People, Planet, Profit and Project.

Total volume under management in Real Estate was 122 Million at the end of the year (2011: 136 million).

Triodos Vastgoedfonds

The broad real-estate crisis, impacted Triodos Vastgoedfonds, and in particular its investments in commercial offices, in 2012. The fund is well positioned compared to other property investment funds with low vacancy rates, high average tenures of rental contracts, and a focus on investing in high quality buildings. For this reason the fund received the prestigious WVD Cash Group award for best real-estate fund in The Netherlands.

The investment portfolio decreased from EUR 87.2 to EUR 75.9 million in 2012, as the fund sold 1 building. The fund did make one new investment through the purchase of a health-care institution.

Case Study

In 2012, Triodos Vastgoedfonds acquired ‘De Kastanjehof’ a care-centre for the elderly. Through significant energy savings the care-provider is able to cut energy bill costs, and transfer these sums to pay for better care for its residents.

Real Estate Prospects for 2013

The real estate market is expected to remain under pressure. One of the major acquisitions of 2011, a former ABN AMRO bank building close to a train station will be delivered to its new tenant during the year. Triodos Investment Management will continue to investigate the best strategy to maintain the quality of the fund, in the light of challenging market conditions.

The volume of the fund’s assets under management is expected to remain stable in 2013.