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Energy and climate

In energy and climate, Triodos Investment Management was responsible for a reduction of over 1,100,000 tonnes of CO2 and generating 1,264 MW of sustainable energy. (impact statistic)

Triodos Investment Management has over 25 years experience in investing in renewable energy, making it a preferred partner for many investors and renewable energy entrepreneurs.

In 2012, it managed 955 million EUR in assets under management through its investment funds (2011: 925 million EUR).1

The total renewable energy equity and loan portfolio in Europe consists of over 87 projects, with a total sustainable power generation capacity of approximately 1.199 MW. Together this contributed to the avoidance of over 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2012, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 775 thousand European households.

These projects are comprised of 49 wind power projects, 23 solar photovoltaic projects, 10 biomass projects, 4 heat/cold storage projects and 1 small hydro project.

Triodos Renewables Plc successfully attracted GBP 3.6 million of new investment in 2012 enabling the UK’s most widely owned renewable energy company, with a community of 5100 investors, to increase its investments in the UK renewable energy sector.

The activities of Triodos Groenfonds, Triodos SICAV II – Triodos Renewables Europe Fund (TREF), and Ampere Equity Fund are managed from the Triodos Investment Management offices in The Netherlands. Triodos Renewable Energy Fund Plc is managed in the UK.

Investment decisions are further supported by co-workers throughout Europe.

1 This figure includes the investments made by Triodos Groenfonds in the organic agriculture sector. As this fund is managed from this business-line this figures is included in this report.

Case Study

Triodos Investment Management has witnessed an increase in local sustainable energy initiatives. Triodos Groenfonds recognises the positive value of these initiatives and seeks to play an active role to support them. Because of this commitment to decentralised energy production, Triodos Investment Management is considered a natural financial partner for initiatives in this market. In 2012, the fund contracted a loan for two wind-turbines for the ‘Meerwind’ cooperative association. Meerwind is a local initiative of the residents of Hoofddorp, a Dutch town. The loan is expected to be disbursed in early 2013. The fund hopes to finance more of these types of initiatives in the coming years.

Developments in 2012

2012 continued to be challenging for the renewable energy sector in Europe. Policy changes related to favourable tax conditions for renewable energy in Spain caused a limited drop in the share value of Triodos SICAV II – Triodos Renewables Europe Fund.

Government tax policies in relation to green investments in The Netherlands, however, changed positively, ensuring investors continued to benefit from tax advantages. This has positively affected Triodos Groenfonds. Despite changing government policies, Triodos Investment Management is convinced that renewable energy, and energy saving initiatives, will continue to have great potential for investors.

Prospects for Renewable Energy

The government’s decision to maintain tax-advantages, and Triodos Investment Management’s continuing commitment to meet its return-on-investment goals, means Triodos Groenfonds remains an attractive investment vehicle that contributes to a more sustainable Dutch economy.

Renewable Energy remains the best solution to mitigate the emission of greenhouse gases. As especially wind and solar power remain the best technology available to achieve the transition to a renewable energy economy, we are convinced that we will continue to be able to grow the assets under management in our funds.

In 2013 Triodos Investment Management aims to launch a new fund seeking investment opportunities in renewable energy in emerging markets, combining its expertise in both themes.