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A Reference Point for Sustainable Banking

As well as deliver the benefits of sustainable banking directly through its finance, Triodos Bank promotes the notion that money can be used consciously through the banking system as a positive force for good.

Triodos Bank amplified this message during the year, often through social media. Over 125,000 people viewed ‘Small. The new big’, for example; a short film presenting an optimistic perspective on the collective impact of individual action. Originally filmed in The Netherlands it has been translated and shared in several countries in Triodos Bank’s network and beyond.

New developments to bolster Triodos Bank’s transparent communication in Spain also included around 150 public events with more than 15,000 attendees, a new corporate blog, and online version of Triodos Bank’s magazine.

Triodos Bank also promotes and influences wider debate about issues that are close to it. This meant co-creating a study about the purchase and long-term use of organic agricultural land in Germany, in 2012; while the Spanish Fundación Triodos (Triodos Foundation) staged the third international conference on organic farming and lending. At the same time all the branches continued to be represented at Europe’s largest commercial organic event at the Biofach, in Germany.

2012 marked a number of ‘firsts’ for Triodos Bank, including becoming the first company to comply with the German sustainable codex, which aims to make German businesses more transparent about their sustainability performance.

In The Netherlands Triodos Bank was the first to introduce a mobile banking app that combines quality banking services with a direct link to the projects the bank finances in the vicinity of the device used. The branch also expanded its ‘Heart-Head Days and Award’, arranging meetings with customers, hosted by the entrepreneurs their money finances.