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Our impact

Triodos Bank wants to report on the wider social, cultural and environmental impact of its finance. In 2012 the criteria used to determine these impact measures were further strengthened and refined. In some cases this contributed to lower statistics than in previous years, as we tightened how and what we measure. For more details about the methodology used to produce these figures visit our website. The way we measure impact will continue to evolve in 2013.

Our online annual report now includes details of Triodos Bank’s non-financial impact in energy and climate, care for the elderly, culture, microfinance, organic food and farming, and education sectors. While numbers alone can only tell a limited story, they do provide quantitative details of the impact of Triodos Bank’s mission in practice. We are careful not to over-claim with these figures, and take time to explain how we have come to them. For more about the people and stories behind the numbers, please visit

Triodos Bank finances enterprises that augment the use of renewable resources in particular, and supports projects that reduce the demand for energy and encourage cleaner use of fossil fuels. By the end of 2012, Triodos Group and its climate and energy investment funds were financing 346 projects across Europe (361 in 2011), with a generating capacity of 2,038 MW of energy (2,134 MW in 2011), or enough energy to meet the electricity needs of the equivalent of 1,300,000 European households during the year. This was primarily because of the repayment of some debts, the sale of some projects in Triodos Investment Management and the Dutch branch, and a less windy year in The Netherlands resulting in less production in some key projects.

In 2012 the cultural venues and events Triodos Bank finances were attended by 5.7 million visitors. (impact statistic)

During 2012 Triodos Bank finance helped make it possible for 5.7 million visitors to enjoy theatres or museums across Europe, as a result of its lending and investments activity (2011: 6.8 million).

As a result of its lending across Europe 9,840 individuals (2011: 10,331) used facilities offered by care for the elderly projects at 150 care homes financed by Triodos Bank.

Triodos Investment Management’s specialised microfinance funds provided finance to 99 microfinance (2011: 96) institutions and other financial vehicles, in 45 countries (2011: 43), serving 6.4 million savers (2011: 7.5 million), and 6.9 million borrowing clients (2011: 7.9 million), in 2012.

The organically managed land on the farms which Triodos Bank finances could produce the equivalent of just over 18 million meals in 2012, or enough food to provide a sustainable diet for 16,800 people during the year (2011: 16,500).

65,800 individuals benefited from the work of educational establishments financed by Triodos Bank in 2012. This was a new impact measure for the year.