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During the year, Triodos Bank continued to develop how it reports the non-financial impact of its loans and investments. It undertook a review of how it records this impact, refining and improving the criteria which underpin the measures published in chapter Themes and our impact. An additional education impact measure is new to this year’s report under chapter Impact in a nutshell.

Statistical measures can only tell a limited story, and Triodos Bank is careful not to over-claim when using them. However they provide an important indication of Triodos Bank’s impact in practice and are available under Methodology.

One of Triodos Investment Management’s funds published its second impact report during the year. Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund’s Impact Report 2011 documents its results in delivering its mission to improve the lives of small-scale farmers and stimulate sustainable agriculture in developing countries.

Triodos Bank co-founded De Groene Zaak (The Green Cause), a Dutch lobbying organisation of sustainable companies. Prior to the Dutch general election in 2012, it successfully argued for a circular economy, directly impacting on the policy of the coalition government that came into power. Triodos Bank in the UK convened a group of renewable energy companies during the year to deliver a letter to the Treasury investigating the subsidies offered to all energy industries in an effort to develop a level playing field for all.