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Achievements in 2012

Triodos Bank commits to a number of environmental goals and measures progress against them annually:

Key priorities

This year a benchmark for Triodos Bank’s environmental data has been produced to assess its performance against similar organisations. Although Triodos Bank performs very well on energy consumption and levels of sustainable commuting, it underperforms compared to its peer group on business travel and paper usage.

The focus continued to be on reducing paper usage in 2012, and further limiting energy consumption. The team also explored how to reduce business travel by plane without compromising the quality of contact between co-workers and clients living in different parts of the world.

During the year paper usage diminished in the Dutch branch as customers stopped receiving bank account statements by post unless they requested this service. 

At the start of the year new, more environmentally-friendly printers reduced printer energy consumption by 40% in the UK and The Netherlands.

In Belgium, the Human Resources team completed the development of an online evaluation tool, enabling the branch to manage the entire co-worker evaluation process electronically.

Despite customer numbers in Spain increasing by over 70%, the use of printed paper and business travel per fte declined.