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Unlike much of the banking sector, Triodos Bank expects to continue to grow its co-worker group at approximately the same level in 2013.

Triodos Bank aims to keep its attrition rate below 10% and the illness rate under 3%. The health policy in The Netherlands will be reviewed during the year.

Triodos Bank will continue to pay attention to the retention and development of its co-workers.

In 2013 the Triodos Academy will continue with the Values seminar and Management Development Programme. The Visionary Leadership Program will be redesigned and improved. Attention will be paid to the development and training of commercial co-workers, especially in the area of Business Banking.

Several initiatives will offer co-workers the opportunity to engage at a deeper level with Triodos Bank and her stakeholders, such as MasterPeace, special client visits for co-workers and participation of co-workers in, for example, the public conferences during the year on “Money and Consciousness” in Spain.

Given Triodos Bank’s international character and continuing growth, new technologies will be used to improve communication between co-workers and to facilitate collaboration.

Triodos Bank will continue to carefully select candidates and explore new ways to find and select future talent.