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Impact and engagement

Triodos Bank exists to benefit people, the environment and culture. Find out what we achieved in 2012, how we developed our co-worker group, progressed our own environmental impact as an institution, and how we engaged with our stakeholders.

Impact in a nutshell

Triodos Bank is not like most banks.

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Themes and our impact

This chapter shows Triodos Bank’s impact in Arts and Culture, Energy and Climate and ...

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Co-worker report

Most businesses depend on people to succeed.

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Environmental report

Triodos Bank's largest positive impact on the environment comes from financing ...

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Stakeholder dialogue

Find out who Triodos Bank's stakeholders are, what Triodos Bank has ...

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GRI content index

Triodos Bank used the GRI’s third generation (GRI 3.1) guidelines ...

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General information

Verifier’s declaration and About this report.

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