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Supervisory Board report

The Supervisory Board’s primary responsibility is the supervision and review of the development of Triodos Bank’s operations and the realisation of its mission. In addition, it assists the Executive Board by providing advice.

Triodos Bank and the economic and financial environment

In the context of continuing upheaval in the economic and financial markets, the Supervisory Board is pleased that Triodos Bank was able to continue to grow and develop positively, while maintaining a fair level of profitability, and continuing to be a reference point for stakeholders looking for credible new ways of banking.

2012 was marked by a significant trend of new domestic and international laws and regulations governing the banking industry, such as increased capital requirements, and new risk management and remuneration requirements. While more effective regulation has a role to play, it can only address part of the deep-seated structural and cultural issues in the banking industry.

Highlights 2012

2012 was the first year of the three-year strategic plan, adopted in 2011. Although external circumstances have changed, no fundamental changes to the plan were deemed necessary. Clarity of direction and sustainable growth based on realistic profit levels continue to be the key elements that derive from the bank’s mission and are based on the conviction that sustainable banking meets a real need.

The Supervisory Board has stayed abreast of important issues affecting the bank. For instance, it recognises the importance of exploring new sectors that fit within the bank’s strategy. At the same time it wants to understand, in more depth, the risks involved and the lessons learned from its existing lending.

It has been informed about the comprehensive risk appraisal and management information systems’ activity, implemented in 2011. The finance of biomass projects has also been reviewed thoroughly with management because of substantial write-offs.